Microsoft Word  and Microsoft Power Point training

Microsoft is not known for it's layout capabilities.

That's a bit unfair. It definitely has the tools. We just don't have the time to discover them.

Business and government depend on Word to  communicate vital content, from the smallest memo to an A3. Yet it's one of the most under used programs around.

Over many years as a trainer, I found delegates needed only two things:

  • A slightly deeper knowledge of Words capabilities
  • An introduction to the simple but effective elements and principles of design.

The great thing is, most adults already have some design skills.

Once you have learned how to use some simple page layout rules, along with some simple typography skills, I guarantee your page layouts will be:

  • easier to read
  • easier to understand the key points
  • quicker to update and make changes

This easy to understand, one day workshop shows you how to harness your inner designer.

Unleash powerful visual communication on the world! Well, to your team for starters.

Along the way, pick up some amazingly simple but game changing tricks in Word.

Suitable for any skill level.

I can come to your place

Public courses run once a month and are limited to 8 participants. Fee on application.

Course feedback:

  • Great to have a course really tailored to our needs
  • Highly recommend this course as it can be applied across a lot of our work
  • Great interactive and informative course. Nicely broken up into different sections and kept us engaged. Good content and relevant.
  • Great course. Pip was very good at addressing the very special limitations we have when implementing this knowledge.
  • Instructor created a good vibe. Made everyone at ease and was willing to take time to answer peoples questions and provide follow up.
  • Really enjoyed this course. It had really good foundation knowledge.


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